Sunday, 8 May 2011

A da-.. Night to remem-.. forget

Christ. Started my day today by crawling onto a matress in my mates loungeroom after drinking like crazy ( i dont even do this often), even drinking a mcdonalds thickshake as a dare at some point throwing up everywhere. got 2 hours sleep. woken up by a dozen guys watching porn and laughing hysterically. i then left to go visit my mother that i havent seen for a year or so. Not a good impression eh?

I still feel like shit and im grumpy as shit. Definately not the best time to be blogging. Got the misses coming over at the crack of dawn, then a day full of study and boredom... my weekends been wasted. Next post will be when im baked and i might remember what occured last night.

Let me hear your similar stories if you have them.

Friday, 6 May 2011


Hola, me again with a quick post before i doze off. its old picture i found of me playing a game in a suit, looks nothing like me either...
Thats just how i roll though. Guess what im playing, double points if you guess exactly what im doing in said game.
Hint: ****** the kingslayer

Thursday, 5 May 2011


Greetings bloggers. Just before i introduce myself id like to explain my purpose in making this blog. I am purely doing this as something i can look over in the future, but it reminds me how boring my life actually isnt. On second thought, my name and such are irrelevant, so ill just skip straight into my situation. Im a 18 year old male, living through a tough childhood (not as tough as you might be picturing) and i still convince myself that its my fault shit hits the fan because of my parents said so. Everyone who knows me and who i have told about what you are going to learn say im in the right, but as much as id like to beleive that i cant.

Im working parttime, and am currently awaiting Uni next year (Yes, im australian) which ive managed to get into through some government schemes ( i lack the funds and.. missed out a fair bit of school due to living conditions at home) which im pretty stoked about. Im ready to shred my brain and put in every ounce of effort i have into this degree, and hopefully that will mean i will get a decent career going. Oh, and another thing to mention; im a stoner.

Haters gonna hate, but really i am sorta ashamed of it because in our society it is feared and frowned upon or loved. One or the other. Ive been meeting people through everyday life never mentioning it whatsoever (even to my work mates who ive become great friends with). Because i know they would look at me differently. How do i know? i would.

I was brought up straight edge, and with the morals of society shoved into my brain whilst my parents breathed down my neck. They have been divorced since i was 7, and have partners now. My mothers partner is a redneck, alcoholic and is such a "man" he likes cars and has no emotion but is such an arrogant faggot about everything. He treats his son like a mate. Their version of bonding is sitting around having a beer.  because that is the only thing they have in common. and cars. Every typical douche bag generation Y male knows about cars. Or bricks. OR mining, since they are the only jobs those retards are able to get after wasting 12 years at school managing to do nothing but waste teacher resources and drain what hope they have for the future inhabitants of the world.

Anyway. Being a stoner i ramble a fair bit, as you may of just realised. But it really lets me express myself without my depression or anxiety bearing down on my constantly. I often stutter talking if im even an ounce stressed, and i bring shit down upon my relationship with my 2 year ongoing relationship with G. So yeah, im a cynical bastard. But really, im just being human; selfish and inconsiderate ;P

Ill be posting here about events that occur every few days, and ill take you on a journey through my life from now untill i finish my degree 5 years from now. hope this entertains you guys as much as it serves as a resource to myself!